Owner’s Manual for a Life within Time and Space

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Owner’s Manual for a Life within Time and Space

Package Contents: 1. Thinker (Travis Quinnelly) 2. Magical Universe with unyielding principals

Instructions: 1. Think about desired manifestation in its final form (the end result). 2. Physically follow hunches, instincts, and intuition - enabling movement in the direction of final form.

Expected Results: Manifestation will slip into Thinker’s life when least expected, likely via so-called coincidences and accidents, unless contradictory thoughts are entertained.

Manufacturer’s Note: Believing in the necessities of blood, sweat, and tears, OR sacrifice, worthiness, and years may severely impede the manifestation process, as will worrying about the “hows and means” of attaining desired final form. Additionally, as long as Thinker consistently and perpetually physically moves as outlined, contradictory thoughts will be mitigated and weakened. In other words, as long as you keep doing your part, you needn’t worry that you sometimes worry.

Guaranteed results, The Universe

I received this in my inbox today. The Universe has an uncanny way of showing up in my Inbox at just the right time to give me a dose of inspiration.

Keep moving forward self, keep moving forward.