Site Re-Do

Travis Quinnelly bio photo By Travis Quinnelly

So this site was in need of some TLC. I had enjoyed jekyll so much that I relied on it to always work. I guess so much that even after tinkering with templates and not getting the expected result I just left it. That meant that the site was just stagnet, not updating with the things that I wanted to write, the things I wanted to share.

So I’ve went back to the So Simple theme and kinda started over. Re-organized a few things and fixed the bad code that I was guilty of letting sit in there.

The Song of the Day is back and will be updated almost daily.

I hoping that I’ll be doing that a lot more. No promises obviously, but we’ll see how much I can get done. I’ve started planning for updates to Silas and Vivian’s sites soon too so who knows.