God Bless the Blinkers

Travis Quinnelly bio photo By Travis Quinnelly

There’s something that’s aggravated me for quite some time. It’s the simple fact that people, for the most part, don’t use their blinkers when they drive. When I’ve traveled anywhere in the US, it’s been my discovery that this problem is not just localized to my area, but I just see so much of it that it drives me crazy.

Apparently in New Mexico its the same.

So what’s up with this phenomenon? Why don’t you (the drivers out there) think that its important to use the blinker? I mean the blinker lever is like 2 inches from your left hand (if its on the steering wheel) so why is it so difficult to reach that lever? If its inconvenient to click that little thing up or down, just think of how inconvenient and rude it is for the drivers just behind you that just see you swerving. A little blinker action might just let us know where you’re planning on going and in the long run cause less accidents.

This brings me to my 2nd point, I think here in Oklahoma, with all the problems that drivers here have, we should (as a State) require a driving test every-other driver’s license renewal. Other states do this and its in those states that in my experience have much less an issue with my argument of blinkers. We don’t require new drivers to go through driver’s education and its quite apparent that very few even care about it.

My city’s inhabitants are so selfish, in more ways than one, but I’m specifically referring to driving. Everyone here is only out for themselves while on the road. You signal that you need to get over, and everyone for the next 20 cars in the other lane speed ahead not allowing you to change lanes. I can’t figure this out. Why are we such selfish drivers? Does everyone here have pent up road rage aggression? I think so.